We are
Oslo Living Lab,

an entrepreneurship program where green jobs and circular economy are explored and co-created by youth from Grønland, Oslo. Together we find opportunities to turn waste into valuable products like compost.

Are you interested in how we do it?

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Youth employees upcycling materials found in a container Youth employees transporting organic waste for composting Youth employees collecting organic waste from juicery Youth employees composting in garbage bins using bokashi method

Our mission

It started with ten youth, two students and some trash bags. By working and learning together on our own terms, we have built a business and a brand we all can stand for. We want to create the future of Grønland, a place where everyone is included and no resources are wasted.

Photo of the physical project report

We want to share our methods.

Oslo Living Lab is a prototype of a co-creative model for green employment. If you are interested in spreading this, then we would love to share our process and out methods with you!

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Oslo Living Lab is a proposal to EU's research project Edible City Network, where the city of Oslo's role is to develop insight into creating inclusive employent in circular urban agriculture. We want to point out how co-creating with the employees themselves can create socially sustainable businesses.

Oslo Living Lab is a project lead by Nabolagshager AS with financial support from the municiplaity of Oslo. The start-up of the project has been a collaboration with the service designers Glenn Sæstad and Nikolai Sabel from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

As Glenn Sæstad and Nikolai Sabel kickstarted the project as their semester project, they have written a report about the process and their methods. We would like to share this report with anybody interested in working co-creative and inclusive, with urban agriculture and/or with youth. You can download this report and a shorter bookled above.

You can contact us at oll@oslolivinglab.no

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Send us a mail to oll@oslolivinglab.no!